Tiles for a shop floor?

I've been asked to supply some floor tiles for a small Post Office. They
wanted 600mm square vinyl tiles, but the prices of those seem
extortionate, so I'm going to suggest ceramic floor tiles instead.
Firstly, are there any regs. about fitting such flooring in a shop?
And secondly, I'm not too sure about their grip when wet. The last thing
the owner wants is an 80yo sliding over as the floor is wet.
Any thoughts?
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I hope someone who knows will come along soon. I don't know. What I do recall (from reviewing spending on public areas in a past job) is that decisions on flooring need to take account not just of health and safety (eg slipping, such as you mention) but also the DDA (eg is there a clear and safe transition at the entrance for wheel chair users, blind/partially sighted). I would have expected the Post Office and/or the National Federation of SubPostmasters to have requirements/guidance on this.
In the meantime dare I suggest that you jump on the risk-avoidance bandwagon and wait to see if your client faints at the price?
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I'm not too keen on doing it really. They seem a little picky ("I want large vinyl tiles on there"), and I imagine they will be watching me all the time, as well as there being loads of stuff to shift in the shop, and doing it over a weekend. On the other hand, I'm short of work, so cannot really turn down much. Alan.
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If they want expensive vinyl tiles, why not let them have them?
the shop owners have a legal duty to minimize risks to the public, IE, if they fit slippery tiles, they'll need signs warning the public, and/or rubber mats for them to walk on....or risk being sued regularly.
the risk of slipping cannot be eradicated completely because when it rains, customers tread water in and the floor becomes wet near the entrance. If it were me, I'd just tell the owners to pick out tiles, purchase them, and it's £XXX for fitting, regrdless of type
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Phil L
Not good. They wear quickly and slip.
Suggest natural stone, or heuga carpet tiles.
Linoleum - the real sort - not crappy vinyl. or industrial grade butyl flooring also good. None are cheap.
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The Natural Philosopher
My local PO floor was retiled recently, I don't know what sort of tiles, not vinyl, but I was surprised at how quickly, within a few weeks, they started to crack where people stand in front of the counter. Don't know if it was cheap materials or poor fitting.
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Peter Johnson
I've since been back to him today to tell him the price of 600mm square tiles (£45 sq. m.). and that I can get good quality oak T+G flooring at £35 sq m. I'm leaving it to him to pick what he wants, then if I get the job, there is no comeback on me if it goes wrong. Further searching has shown shop/office specific 'anti-slip' ceramic tiles, though at roughly double the price of household floor tiles. Any type of flooring for a shop seems to be over £35 sq. m., so it looks like his plan to get it done "really cheap" has foundered.
Thanks for the replies. Alan.
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