Three letter acronyms

Could professional and knowledgeable contributors please be aware that
they are confusing us in the real world with the usage of their
collections of TLAs (Three Letter Acronyms). These are fine in the
work place, but are useless and irritating elsewhere.
I agree that there are some that are known by all but there are many
that are peculiar to specific areas of plumbing, electricity, etc and
in the end an answer becomes useless if it cannot be understood
because of shortcuts in the language.
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In article , robgraham writes
Guilty, I confess my use earlier of MRT (Mean Radiator Temperature).
It's a difficult balance, one person's useful information may be another's condescension.
If you make a list of all the acronyms that _everybody_ knows I'll be sure to use only them without explanation ;-).
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Think yourself lucky you don;t work for LAS (London Ambulance Service). It runs entirely on TLA's.
My daughter often says things like;
"I had to back up an EMT in an FRU who was attending a 53YOM with DIB and a GCS of 11".
On new years eve she was clinical lead in a FIT with a RVP in Leicester Square.
(Free fridge magnet to the first person to translate either of the above!).
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The Medway Handyman
emergency medical technician first responder unit 53 year old male dead in bed / difficulty in breathing geothermal circulation system / Glasgow coma scale
forward intelligence team / field investigation team / fart in transit / female in trouble rendez-vous point
This was some use, but didn't have them all.
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EMT - Emergency Medical Technician FRU - Fast Response Unit 53YOM - 53 Year Old Male DIB - Difficulty in Breathing GCS - Glasgow Coma Scale/Score
FIT - Forward Intelligence Team RVP - Rendezvous Point
Had to look up GCS - a score of 11 is worrying though...
Damn, Owain beat me by 9 minutes!
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EMT = Emergency Medical Technician FRU = Fast Reaction Unit 53YOM = 53 Year Old Male DIB = Difficulty in Breathing GCS = Glasgow Coma Scale
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Brian G
On Sat, 05 Jan 2008 21:02:20 +0000, Rumble wrote:
Of course, few of those ARE acronyms, which are supposed to be pronounceable words...
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Frank Erskine
I had to back up an Emergency Medical Technician in an Fast Response Unit who was attending a 53 Year Old Male with Difficulty In Breathing and a Glasgow Coma Score(*) of 11.
) or Scale.
On new years eve she was clinical lead in a FIT with a Rendez-Vous Point in Leicester Square.
Can't figure out FIT; First, Fast; Incident Intensive; Transport, Tent, Triage; tempted by First Incident Triage but "first" doesn't feel quite right, it implies there is a second which if the first is doing its job right isn't required...
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Dave Liquorice
So, no LEDs or LCDs unless you're talking to electronic engineers, no BTUs except amongst heating engineers, keep PSI and MPG for motor engineers, use GMT and BST only with chronometrists - RIP TLAs (but only say that to undertakers!)
BSF, there is no way of knowing for sure what TLAs (or ETLAs) a given reader understands. And it's not just the use of such devices that may render a message incomprehensible to its recipient. A skilled and careful writer may be able to craft his (or her) writing so that it is understandable to a lay audience, whilst a busy person may dash off a terse note for the benefit of their peers.
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John Stumbles
In message , robgraham writes
Does someone want to put a list of approved acronyms in the faqs for the terminally stupid ?
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Can I suggest that they are grouped into related categories, e.g. CFL would come under lighting/electrics, TRV under heating/plumbing, etc.
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Barry Smith

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