Plastic push in fitting to 15mm copper?

I'm new to push fit plastic, so please excuse my ignorance...
I have just replaced our old faulty shower with a fancy new one. The old one
was all copper feed straight into the shower unit, where as the new one has
a plastic push in fitting inside it, with a short plastic pipe tail. I've
used the short bit of plastic pipe, with an internal sleeve at each end -
taking it into a normal compression fitting where it meets the copper.
I seem to have got away with it, as there have been no leaks so far, but is
this an acceptable/reliable method?
Could I take copper all the way into the unit, rather than making use of the
plastic tail, utilising the push fit on the end of the copper?
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Harry Bloomfield
In article , Harry Bloomfield writes
Sounds fine, over cautious if anything (not a bad thing).
Yes you can do but watch out when using pushfit in situations where there may be mechanical stress on the joint. This would be quite likely where you have 2 rigidly inflexible ends such as copper and a fixed shower inlet so make sure the you have the ends perfectly aligned. The worst possible situation would be a cowboy joining 2 misaligned rigid ends with a pushfit coupling and chimping up the shower fixings to make it fit, expect leaks or other failures.
My personal preference is to use compression where either of the ends is copper or otherwise rigidly fixed, it sort of focusses the attention if the fit is bad and needs to be corrected.
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In an earlier contribution to this discussion,
Yes, you can use push-fit fittings on copper pipe (but not chrome plated, 'cos it's too hard for the gripper teeth to sink into).
You can also use compression fittings (but not solder fittings of course!) on plastic pipe as long as you use suitable inserts to re-inforrce the ends of the pipe.
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Roger Mills

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