Central Heating, massive amounts of air!

Friends, my central heating system (Propane) produces large amounts of
air that gathers in an upstairs bedroom radiator. I must release
almost half the radiator of air every couple of weeks!
I have been up in the loft space and increased the depth of header
water to 6 inches in case my draining actions are introducing air.
Nevertheless sitting using my PC I can hear air bubbling into the
radiator most evenings!
Any ideas,
Regards, Peter.
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Can you light the gas as it hisses out of the radiator? If so it's hydrogen produced through corrosion of the metal in the system. You need to put inhibitor into the water (and probably give the whole system a thorough flush out first). If not it's air, which could be getting in in a variety of ways, possibly sucked in via a small leak on the return side of the pump.
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Martin Pentreath
In message , petercharlesfagg writes
You have a leak ?
Find it quickly, every time you introduce new water into the system, you are diluting the inhibitor and introducing more potential limescale
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Thankyou for the suggestions.
It isn't gas in the system, it does not ignite!
Have checked all the visible joints for leaks etc. and found nothing!
Strangely enough, since I increased the depth of water in the header tank the noises in the system have lessened!
Thanks again, Peter.
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