Tap Washers

The parents bought new taps for the bathroom and d/s cloakroom.
The instructions from one manufacturer say that the sealing washer
should go between the tap and the basin.
The instructions from the other manufacturer say that the sealing washer
should go underneath between the basin and the locknut.
Now, I don't see any functional difference in the design of the taps,
their sealing washers or locknuts, so the question is, which is right/best?
I would have thought that the washer should go under the basin; if you
put it on the top side, it creates a visible black ring or shadow gap.
Any ideas?
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Dave Osborne
Both! Typically there are two washers - a skinny one that site between tap body and basin, and a more substantial one used behind the backnut.
Usually this washer is a tiny o-ring type that sits in channel in the base of the tap - so once compressed is not visible.
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John Rumm
Ah, yes, I remember the (clear pvc?) skinny washer from previous plumbing jobs. Not supplied by either manufacturer in this case. Might have to see if I can get them from a shed.
OK, know what you mean. No channels in the base of the taps (either design) and therefore no O-rings missing!
Thanks John
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Dave Osborne
You must deal with a better grade of tap tan I do :-)
All the basin taps I've seen have a single washer between tap & basin. Monoblocks tend to have the 'o' ring.
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The Medway Handyman

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