Self cutting taps

I've got to tee off of two 15mm copper pipes in the most inaccessible place
It occurs to me that self cutting washing machine taps would make the job
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machine tap-tap connector-pipe.
Any reason not to use them? They would be behind a bath panel on a concrete
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The Medway Handyman
In an earlier contribution to this discussion,
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Washing machine tap-tap connector-pipe.
Depends how much flow you need. I suspect that the bit which you partially punch out restricts the flow more than somewhat - both in the branch and in the main pipe.
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Roger Mills
After approx 5 years, the piece of steel which makes the hole rusts, grows and blocks/restricts the flow. You can then dismantle and clean the remains away, and they're good for at least another 5 years. - Depends how long your warranty is :+)
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simple.>> > Washing machine tap-tap connector-pipe.
Never happened to me, but what did happen was that the little copper disc that gets punched out became stuck in the ball valve in the cold water header tank.
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Man at B&Q
Yeah, they're awful. The cutters don't always go in square, the washers leak, the flow is pathetic and they rust like Moscvichs. In the situation you describe I'd cut out a larger section of pipe and replace with a load of plastic & push-fit which can be located more flexibly.
OTOH, I am borderline clueless, so you might want to wait for an expert view.
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Steve Walker

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