Water in cold water tank is warm

I suspect I've got a leaking indirect coil in the hot water tank as
the cold water is warm and the tank has overflowed recently, the
overflow from the hot water goes back into the cold water.
I've replaced the termostat on the hot water tank, is there any good
diagnostic to prove that a leaky coil is the problem?
I think I can hear the header tank for the heating system dripping and
I presume that means I'm in trouble and I need a new tank, last time
it took ages to get as its a funny smaller tank or is the coil
I'll be checking this tomorrow when the place is a little quieter and
I can play with the tank thermostat post showers, but is there much
else to do but call in the plumber?.
Somewhat glumly
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On Mon, 17 Dec 2007 13:11:45 -0800 (PST), snipped-for-privacy@googlemail.com wrote:
Assuming the F&E tank is above the cold water tank, tie up the ball valve on the F&E and see if the level drops??
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Tie up the ball valve in the heating header tank. if that tank overflows then you have a leak between primary and secondary circuits. Otherwise the the boiler overflow is warming the tank water and you need to find why that is happening - usually a blockage somewhere.
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Bob Minchin

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