Lid for cold water tank

I'm after a clever idea for making a new lid for my cold water tank. The
old one was plywood, and the condensation wrought havoc with it. The tank
is 31" x 34". Bright ideas please.
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Keith Dunbar
A dustbin bag cut open with a bit of string tied round it is all you really need to keep creepy crawlies out of the tank and condensation out of the loft. Can't say I've ever bothered though which is why huge chunks of hairy chitinous spider remains end up in my bathwater all the time. I think that's probably enough to indicate I'm not married.
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Dave Baker
Estate agent's signboard material (corrugated plastic)
Readily available & free :-)
Larger sizes sometimes available as temporary road signs (I've got one that was used to announce that a 1-way system was going to be introduced in a nearby street).
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John Stumbles
On Wed, 28 Nov 2007 09:27:12 GMT someone who may be "Keith Dunbar" wrote this:-
Plastic has already been suggested. Sheets of it are available from large orange tin sheds and other outlets.
Alternatively make it out of wood and put a sheet of plastic underneath to repel the condensation.
If it is a standard size, ready made lids are available.
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David Hansen
John and David have made suggestions :-)
Since it's not going to be seen any rigid plastic of the right size will do, you con't have to be particularly creative or bright :-)))
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Mary Fisher
See if there is a label on the tank for a maker and visit your local plumbers merchant for a suitable lid. Lot easier than messing about trying to make or improvise something...
If you do make one you need to think about where the condensation is going go. If you just bung a rigid flat sheet over the top the chances are the condensation will run to one edge/corner, capillary action between the tank and lid and drip/run down the outside of the tank rotting the supports (worst case).
Bin bag will do but they are a bit fragile, heavy polythene (opened out feed bag or compost bag?) would be better if you can secure it. Small weight in the middle to produce a drip point for the condensation.
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Dave Liquorice
On Wed, 28 Nov 2007 15:16:01 GMT someone who may be "John" wrote this:-
One needs to allow for a certain number of things, including any vent pipe (and how one is going to get the lid on under it) and a means of keeping the lid on. Details like this are left as an exercise for the reader.
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David Hansen
In article , says...
Find a building site and scrounge an offcut of polystyrene or other foam-type wall insulation. A 4" slab of that will make a nice lid, help prevent freezing /and/ be rotproof.
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