Sealing chip board

I have bought a sink unit for my new shower room. Unfortunately it is
made of chip board and I would like to seal the unfinished edges to
protect it from potential water damage.
Any tips? I was thinking of using some varnish or maybe the wood
hardener product.
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Tim Decker
Clear yacht varnish will seal the raw edges, but if this is laminated chipboard you really need to seal the edges of the laminated surfaces too because water will penetrate. Laminated chipboard needs to be wiped dry if it gets splashed with water otherwise it will disintegrate sooner or later.
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My neighbour redid his garage lean to roof with chipboard sheets left over from a job. He varnished it, bituminised it and stuck roofing felt on it and thought "job well done !!".
Anyway couple of years later the roof "slushed" in on him !!! Water had got in via a tiny pin hole in the roofing felt and over the years was soaked up by the chipboard (and probably not able to escape as outer layer had been sealed) and slowly turned the chipboard to rotten mush, which fell in on him.
He replaced with some much more horredously expensive water proof block board (wbp ?) that is still there years later.
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