Running two appliances off of a cooker switch.

A friend has his electric hob connected to his cooker switch and the
electric oven running off of a 13amp plug.
He wants to get rid of the electric oven and get a new one that
specifies that it must have a fixed power supply (presumably a cooker
If the cooker switch has the spare capacity, can we just use a heavy
duty junction box to run both appliances from the same cooker
Also, this being a kitchen, does the work have to be done by a
certified electician?
Thanks for any advice.
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Yes, provided that: (a) the switch is within 2 metres of both appliances (b) the circuit is adequately rated for both appliances (there is quite a generous allowance for diversity on cookers) (c) both appliances, and their cables, are adequately protected by the circuit MCB
Mmmm. It's not /quite/ like-for-like replacement is it? But who would know.
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On Mon, 7 Jan 2008 11:01:55 -0800 (PST) someone who may be Rednadnerb wrote this:-
That depends on the oven. A search engine will pull up threads going into this subject in great detail, outlining several methods of doing the job depending on circumstances.
Someone may feel like typing that all out again, but it isn't me.
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David Hansen

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