Replacement decorative glass- help!

A decorative window pane was broken in the common stairway
leading to our Edinburgh flat recently. It's a yellowish "Muranese
Glass" and used to match the other eleven panes.
I'm having difficulty finding a replacement, or a way of recreating
the same effect, in part because this type of glass now appears to be
Does anyone have any suggestions on how to proceed?
Thanks in advance for your help!
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Have you tried these people, they actually list the type of glass in various colours
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Janet Tweedy
Talk to the many people who make new stained glass panels, using genuine lead came (not the copper strip people, certainly not the stick-on-plastic lot). There are such people, many repair panels like this. Leaded glass isn't as obscure as you might think, even today.
If you're local to Bristol or Berkshire, try asking around
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see if they know anyone to recommend.
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Andy Dingley

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