Removing the top of modern dual flush cistern

Helped sister move into new house yesterday and the loo upstairs has water
running down the back of the pan and the flush isn't working.
I was going to whip the top off the cistern and have a look but couldn't
get the lid off! Whats the trick here?
It's a 4 year old house, modern loo with the dual flush button to allow you
to choose pathetic or really pathetic flush.
The plastic surround around the buttons does turn a bit but doesn't unscrew
completely (at least, if felt like something was going to snap...)
So, a) how do I get the top of and b) any suggestions what is broken (is
there still just somesort of dual syphon or is it going to be an odd flap
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Generally speaking, on the ones I have seen - push down one of the buttons and you should be able to prise the upper button out, then the lower one. There is a screw underneath.
If it doesn't flush & the internal overflow is working, best change the siphon & ball valve for new ones, not that expensive but takes a bit of time.
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The Medway Handyman
In article ,
Ah, that sounds plausable... ta :)
K. Will have a look.
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