reduce power shower noise

there are 2 aqualisa power showers in the house we moved into. The motor
units are in the loft mounted on hardboard screwed across the rafters. This
obviously generates quite a bit of noise in the mornings when either shower
is used. Whats the best way to rdeuce the noise from these units?
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The noise is coming through the ceiling because the pumps are directly connected to the rafters. You need to find a way of mounting them with very springy rubber mounts. Sorry, I don't know of any :-( Perhaps others do.
Perhaps you could mount them on wires from the roof, or on springs on the joists.
You will also have to fit flexible pipes to the input and output as well. Otherwise they will fracture over time. It must be doable.
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On Tue, 9 Oct 2007 21:28:40 +0100, "Roger" wrote:
Find a piece of Rubberised Horsehair about 1" thick and lay it between the mounting board and rafters. Don't screw from the board to the rafters but let the board and pumps float on top.
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Peter Parry
Its not just the pump noise, being loft mounted they also accumulate air and make more even noise, air release valves can help. In my last house despite trying all types of rubber bumpers etc in the loft to dampen the pump noise (best actually was a paving slab) eventually moved to floor of airing cupboard. Placed on a cut to shape paving slab, padded wall with carpet and pump was very quite.
My mate had same noise issue, except pump in airing cupboard, to moved pump next door into a fitted cupboard in a polystyrene lined wooden box, with vent holes and that made a huge difference.
My current shower pump is on the floor of the airing cupboard on a bolted together pile of carpet, with carpet glued to the wall. That was 7 years ago....
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