Cost of small breeeze block wall?

I've been asked to quote for a fencing job, but against my views the
customer has opted for a breeze block 'extension' to his present breeze
block wall.
The current wall is approx 5 feet high, they want it higher.
I suggested a solid trellis type panel at the top, which would look
alright. That got a 'no', as it wouldnt be secure enough.
Ok, go for a 7 foot high wooden fence in front of the existing breeze
block wall,again, a no, as it wouldnt be 'secure enough'
So, they want 2 extra rows added to the existing BB wall. How that is
more secure than a wooden fence, I dont know - I'd think it was easier
to grab the top of a wall to climb up it.
Probably 10 breeze blocks for each row (15' wide), so 20 blocks to be
bought.Never having laid more than 1 bricks/blocks in one go, I reckon
this will take me near on 4 hours to lay them.
Around £8 of cement, and £15 of sand making a materials cost of roughly
What would be a reasonable price to charge?
My first thought was £150 - does that sound reasonable to put up 2 rows
of BB on a 15' wall?
Thanks for any thoughts.
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For a start it would be useful if you could make it clear that these are 'dense concrete blocks'. Breeze blocks are the light weight blocks used only for internal walls in houses. It is clear from googling on 'breeze blocks' that dense concrete blocks are what you are referring to.
I would be concerned at lifting each block weighing 20kg up 1.5m+ without suitable platforming and assistance. Remember that 20kg is 45 lbs - are you that much of a body builder that you can lift half a ton of concrete 5 feet up in 4 hours. Then add in the mortar and the mixing of it.
If the customer is calling the shots then make him pay. This is a full day's work plus materials. Treble the cost at least and look to getting some assistance.
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Its not that stressful. A plank on some spare blocks is all you need to do the top.
That I agree with.
Treble the cost at least and look to
Depends on how much you want to make.
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The Natural Philosopher
What is this wall going to stand on? There's been no mention of any sort of footings for it, and it sounds pretty substantial...
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It is an existing breeze block/concrete block wall. I cant really see a problem by raising it 2 blocks higher. I was under the impression that it was made of breeze block, but the Builder Merchants put me right when they told me it must be concrete blocks (which look just like breeze blocks), as they are weather resistant, wheras breeze blocks are not, and should not have any exposed surface. Ta Alan.
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