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Christian McArdle wrote:

You have to start early. In the hot weather, this is a great advantage! Be careful not to let the paint run into the sliding joints (don't put too much on) or it will stick your windows up, oil or water-based. Let the windows dry through the day, you can close them gently and open them again next day for glossing. You may need to plan a "rota".

Good God. Someone is really ham-fisted painting! A scraper will whizz that off in a trice. To paint close to glass, the angle at which you hold the brush is all-important, and somewhat counter-intuitive. Hold the handle of the brush close to the glass at a slight angle to it, rather than pointing the bristles at the glass and goint along almost perpendicular.
[ broken sash-cords ]

Use good-quality sash cord when you replace them, should last a *long* time! Don't get paint on the sash cords.
[ DG units ]

You *can* get 12mm - 4-4-4 instead of 4-6-4.

If the boxes are still there, you should be safe from the bloody pen-pushers. A local joinery firm should be able to make to measure.

Because, with single glazing, condensation runs through any small gaps at the meeting and botom rail. These gaps are not usu. significant, anyway. Mighton is good for draughtproofing. If you have someone make up sash windows complete, D/G, they should be able to use similar products & the thing will still come out cheaper than PVC.
N.B. to prevent condensation soaking collecting on the meeting rail, lay a strip of cotton material along to wick off the moisture & avoid it soaking into the sash where pooled.

Oh! I was using a lump hammer and chisel to take off the wallpaper, and my hand slipped. And again. And again.....

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I was planning to remove the windows totally for painting in the back garden. I'll just leave the holes overnight, rather than risk damaging the undercoat.
Unfortunately, I've not got any time to do it until maybe October now. There's just too much other stuff to do. I've got to replace the bath waste tonight. It was held on with some crumbly powder that didn't survive having the trap removed for rodding this morning. Then there's the kitchen, the electrics and the central heating to sort out.

You should see the rest of the house. Barely a floor board nailed down. (I actually quite like this, as it is very helpful installing cable TV, intruder alarm, extra sockets, central heating etc.)

Do you recommend natural or synthetic sash cords?

Interesting. With 8mm difference (assuming 4mm SG glass), I don't lose any of the steps on the moulding. The bars are quite deep at the moment.

Still haven't had time to look. Assuming the worst, are sash boxes normally just made out of standard joinery, or is it better to buy them made to measure with the frames?

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