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If you have only jkust discovered that antibiotics totally bugger up youir gut, you must be a very young person, or a very lucky one who has not taken antibiotics.
Every antibiotic if you read the fine print will tell you in the packet that anything from minor to very severe modificaton to the digestive system will occur.
It is however, preferable to death from septicimea, or the pain of a severe abscessed tooth for example.
The doctor won;t give you antibiotics if you don't go and see him, and will in fact not give them to you if you are prepared to level with him and say that you prefer not unless strictly necessary.
I had a very deep splinter, and I had to get assistance in extracting it. Since I was running a slight fever as a result, I got a tetanus booster, and a very potent antibiotic. Yes, I has stomach cramps for 4 days of the course. Yes, I knew why, yes, teh doctor insisted. Yes, I stopped taking tehm.
No go away and play somewhere else. Understanding risks and medical issues is what D-I-Y is all about (speaking froimUK.d-i-y) so take yoir poloitically slanted scaremeongering somewhere else.
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