ravenheat los nox he 120 boiler problems

i have a ravenheat lo no he120 boiler that cuts out with error codes
02 flue system restriction
04 overheat lockout
Can anyone suggest what is wrong. The boiler was fitted in oct 06 so
is about 15 months old. Is there anything i can check before calling a
part 2
Part of getting it fixed what is the advised service intervals and any
idea of the costs involved .Sorry to be so vague but this is the first
boiler i have ever owned.
thanks in advance
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Andy Warwick
Well in the first instance why would I dispute the error indicator (there could be many reasons to do so after the initial checks).
So it needs checking especially for the flue components. A failure mode I have seen once involved the flue melting.
"By the book" an annual check (mandatory in rented accommodation). In practice perhaps a bit less often but then should you find that the total cost of ownership rises that's your problem.
Getting anyone with the right equipment, training and insurance through your front door to look at a boiler will not cost less than £50.
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Ed Sirett

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