Problems with Siemens Washing Machine WM53661BY

I bought a Siemens washing machine (Model No. SIWAMAT XL WM53661BY a year ago for $566.00 in Pakistan. The dealer had shown me the German model. I wanted to buy a German washing machine because of the reliability of German washing machines, the Siemens authorized dealer had only one German model at the very same price but it was lying there for the past two years, so the saleman suggested that I buy the newer model. When I brought the newer model home, I found that there was no "Made in..." label anywhere on the machine or on any of the booklets though the back panel says "Siemens Electrogerate GMBH" , When I asked the dealer that simply told a white liethat this machine is from Germany too, but becasue to EU laws the label is not there!!!
Unfortunately there are no costumer laws in Pakistan, so you CAN NOT RETURN THE APPLIANCE ONCE YOU HAVE BOUGHT IT!!
So I sent an email to the Bosch-Siemens Hausgerate-Germany to which they replied " This appliance is MADE in POLAND. There is no law that this label has to be a sticker on the machine. For example all other global manufacturer does not mark her Appliances anymore , even if you buy Mercedez you can not find out where it was manufactured!"
Unfortunately there are no costumer laws in Pakistan, so one CAN NOT RETURN THE APPLIANCE ONCE YOU HAVE BOUGHT IT!!
I had no problem with the country of its origin, but just after two days of purchase ,the machine would make initially a crackling sound on clockwise rotation during wash cycle, no matter what the size of load was, this sound would disappear after 10 minutes. Now just one day before the expiry of its one-year warranty, I heard constant sparking noise from the motor, peeked inside and saw sparks coming from the motor on CLOCKWISE rotation only. My question is that if worn out motor brushes are the cause of such noisy sparks , why the motor doesn't make sparks on ANTICLOCKWISE rotation and during spin cycle? What could be the possible cause audible sparks during clockwise rotation only?
Thank you.
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