Problem with Makita drill?

Treated myself to a new Makita 18V cordless combi drill at the end of
September. You know the one - on offer with 3 batteries at Screwfix
for £99.
Nice tool - or so it seemed. Not used it heavily as current house
renovation v. nearly finished (but just about to start another...).
Put in about 100 screws with pilot holes to match, used it with a
Forstner bit to make blind holes in MDF to recess 16 nuts + washers
on 6mm bolts for a small project, used it with a nut driver to
tighten said nuts, used it with an auger bit when fitting a door,
about 12 holes with hammer action into brickwork etc etc. Hardly run
in yet...
As I used it more, I began to feel it 'wasn't quite right' and
eventually came to the conclusion that the chuck was not accurately
centred. It was fine with short bits (eg screwdriving) but when using
a long bit (eg an auger, or say a 150mm long masonry bit) there was a
very small amount of 'wandering' at the tip and more vibration than I
So I returned it to Screwfix as faulty. Kudos to them - reported it
Friday, no quibbles, replacement delivered early Monday, 'bad' one
collected Tuesday. Excellent service.
But on an initial test, the replacement seems no better. So - is it
me? Is it my imagination? The effect is quite slight, it just
'feels' slightly wrong. Testing with a length of 1/2in dia brass rod
(to get something true) seems to confirm a slight 'wobble' - but if I
fiddle with the rod and re-tighten the chuck, it seems to be better,
if not fine.
I can't remember this with my previous 'el cheapo' drill (batteries
failed, too expensive to replace or re-cell them). Anyone else
experienced this or anything similar? Or am I a perfectionist who
expects too much for a mere £99?
All comments appreciated
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Richard Perkin
That does not sound right really. I have a two speed 18V combi (probably not quite the same model) with a Rhom chuck, and that is absolutely spot on for bit eccentricity. (same is true for the three speed 14V version my friend has). The only time I notice bit wobble is with cheap and nasty spade bits, but that is because they are bent to start with.
As a general point there is a slight tendency for three jaw chucks to achieve a slightly different centre each time you tighten them, but ought not be that obvious for hand held drilling operations. (you notice it if you remount a job on a lathe with a three jaw chuck).
It does not seem unreasonable to expect close to perfection given the brand and reputation etc. It might be worth discussing it with Makita tech support - I have found them quite good in the past.
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John Rumm
I'd try the chuck of the other drill.
If it's the same then it's probably some 'runout' from the gearbox.
I'd expect the drill is made in China, though nothing wrong with that, just won't always be quite as good as something made in say Germany or Switzerland.
cheers, Pete.
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Pete C

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