Poor plumbing/building again.

A couple of months ago I reported here about the call I had to fix a
leaking toilet - it transpired that the toilet fitter hadnt used a seal
at all, he had just butted up the pan outlet to the soil pipe and then
put around an inch of silicone round the joint, apart from right at the
bottom, where the pan touched the soil pipe.
Anyway, i got another call today from the same house - the shower is
overflowing, and coming through the kitchen ceiling.
Thoughts of dodgy waste pipes immediately sprung to mind.
But, it was a purely user error - the waste plug was completely blocked
with hair and some other cream like splodge.
Once that was out, I thought I'd better have a look at the trap to
ensure it was clean.
Took the skirting off (it is a raised shower), and found an 6" x 1"
piece of MDF behind the skirting. Soaking wet, with the strength of a
thick piece of cardboard.
And lo and behold, the complete shower was sat on a frame of 6 x 1 MDF.
I told them that one cormer is soaked,so they'll need to think about
changing the platform for something more sutiable, though I dont think
it sunk in that it would be rotting away, and may start titlting on that
"My mate is a builder, and he can do things dead cheap"
I replied - 'I know, I've seen his work!'
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