Paper shredder - up-to-date choices?

The threads on this are about 2 years old, so it may be worth
comparing notes on good models available right now - maybe also in
Jan. Sales.
Cross cut, small to medium volume.
I don't have small furry animals or a garden to burn waste in, so
practical suggestions please!!!
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Got one from Tesco a while back for about =A320, does the job for paper.= Not a diamond cut, straight cut which is then broken into bits about 4cm lon= g, cut width is about 5mm. The cutting and breaking action does produce a noticeable amount of paper dust in the shreddings.
Larger models (from other sources) handle CD's and DVDs as well.
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Dave Liquorice
Got one from Tesco a while back for about =EF=BF=BD20, does the job for pape= r. Not a diamond cut, straight cut which is then broken into bits about 4cm long, cut width is about 5mm>>
Isn't that big enough to make out sensitive details like account numbers?
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It's amazing how the banks have tried to pass the buck with this security stuff. I've had two cards cloned, and on both occasions there was ample evidence that the bank's own security was at fault.
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Stuart Noble
Hi Eusebius,
I would not recommend Fellowes shredders, which in my experienced are overpriced and poor quality. The last Fellowes shredder I had was of very poor build, to the extent that the cutting blades canibalised the plastic case making the whole thing unusable within about three months of me buying it. When I contacted Fellowed customer service under the guarantee their unhelpful reply was essentially: we guarantee the cutters, not the case, and the cutters are still working!
I went out and bought this from Argos
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than =A318, cross cut, has been far better than the Fellowes one which cost four times the price, and has a better guarantee.
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Martin Pentreath
On 17 Jan, 12:21, Martin Pentreath wrote:
If that link is wrapping badly try
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product is "Challenge 7 Sheet Cross Cut Paper Shredder" from Argos.
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Martin Pentreath
On 17 Jan, 12:03, Stuart Noble wrote:
I had my card cloned and, during the ensuing investigation, was sent the Visa audit logs showing the transactions in question with all my card details.
This itself was fine, but it was the several dozen or so other customer's info sent with it that surprised me - and this was HSBC's fraud department!!
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Mathew Newton

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