Outdoor transformers

Hi guys
I currently have some low voltage garden lights which need a transformer
plugging in to an exterior socket for power. I am wanting to permentently
locate the transformer outside and control the lights (on / off) by one of
those energy saving standby plugs which is controlled via a remote. I
presume I cannot just leave the transformer out in the open? Is there
anything available to locate the transformer in?
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The transformers on my exterior lights are all weather proof.
If its a wall wart then it wont be weather proof and you will need an external box like the one they sell in screwfix.
If its on a lead with a plug then it may be weather proof.. look for an IPxx rating. IP56 is common for encapsulated transformers.
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I was thnking more of a box to house the transformer and some sort of box to go over the outside plug socket so I could keep both the transformer outside and keep it plugged into the socket during all weathers.
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Erm, I think that is what I just linked to.
Nothing to stop you mounting the outside socket in such a box (in fact it would let you use a normal socket since the box itself is IP65 rated).
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John Rumm
I use one of these boxes for supplying power to my Pond Pump and Filter and also some external lighting. What I find a pain though is when I want to switch off my pump for maintainance etc.. I have to remove about eight screws to get access to the socket.
Anyone know if there's a version that has a lockable door as opposed to a scews.
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Would it not be simpler to isolate the power to the whole box?
Part of the difficulty is maintaining IP65 on a large box without rigid clamping. (not saying there are none out there - just I have not seen them!)
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John Rumm

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