OT: Has no one told them parliaments closed?

This is what democracy is all about, you made your choice, now stick
with it.
One wonders if Cummings will close parliament if the next election isn't going his way too?
Democracy didn't run very deep in britain did it now. Fought for for centuries, women throwing themselves under horses for the whole thing to be trashed by an unelected phsycopath and his unelected lying puppet.
At least the EU doesn't shut down when things start to get a trifle difficult for Brussels.
Can you imagine it? Farage turns up after blowing his expenses on beer, tries to force through a directive to stick a union jack on toilet paper, so we instantly have a "Non!" from Brussels followed by a shutdown to prevent debate.
The Mail and the rest of the gutter press would be basking in it!
The knuckledraggers would be riled up and the Sun would be offering free crayons to knuckledraggers everywhere so they could draw their own union jacks on their Andrex.
Happy November knuckledraggers :-)
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