OT: Complaints about lack of PPE!?

Why are people grumbling the government won't give teachers PPE masks? You can get them online for a fiver for goodness sake. What next, buy socks for them?
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Commander Kinsey
It's an elfin safety issue.
Employer pays.
It's no different than a hospital providing PPE for doctors and nurses.
What are you going to do when a teacher books off sick and has to self isolate ? Do you think teachers grow on trees ? You can't just send the students home, a classroom full at a time, because there's no teacher.
When the staff at the care home all fell ill, Health Department staff had to substitute. Five homes actually ended up with medics from the military, as substitute carers. Now those people have fallen ill.
You just cannot fuck around with this stuff. Any situation which is "designed as an incubator", working there is *not* a joke. It's serious and potentially life threatening. I don't even see a point in "contact tracing", when a spreader could get in there and just knock the place over.
It's different when you have facilities with enough air movement and spacing. Any place people stay cooped up, is bad.
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Only makes sense if it's expensive. But it's a FIVER.
That's different, you don't want the illness passing to patients who are weak for other reasons.
They get so much free time there's always spares. Anyway that's the school's problem.
It's just a bad flu, stop making a mountain out of a molehill. The death rate is still a thousand times less than the population growth.
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Commander Kinsey
Now I don't know about that, but why should they have to pay to do their job. In any case, from what I see and hear, school and teaching young kids could well be very safe indeed, far safer than breathing other peoples germs in the park etc. This hopefully will dismiss many untruths accepted for years about infectious diseases and their spread and how to prevent it. I am no scientist, nor doctor, but purely on looking at what has been going on: Infections of most viral strains happens long before anyone actually notices, as many people have some immunity already, so unless you can get on the testing very early you will never be on top of it. Many people do not get it very badly. In the main this goes unnoticed, the difference with the latest one is that a very few actually do get it badly.
Social distancing at 2m is not any safer than 1m in free air, and unless you are coughing your guts up spitting or wiping your nose with your hand, there seems no harm in filling all seats on a bus for short periods. We have seen these projections that sneezes and coughs can project virus particles a long way, but recent studies seem to be saying that these are particles only and you do need a much higher density to actual infect unless you are that unlucky person who catches everything going.
I'll stop there, but I've just been sitting here reading reports etc and this is what I think from doing that. I have no doubt that there are times when things go badly wrong, as we are talking risk percentages, and everyone has to decide the risk to themselves if and others.
Governments try to play it ultra safe when they can of course, but I don't think helping a blind man across the road, or standing in a queue for a short time is going to be an issue in general. Brian
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Brian Gaff
Who for? The kids are at low risk of being seriously ill or dying as a result of catching the virus but in its more of a problem with other people in the school depending on the age profile, and general health, of the teachers and any support staff.
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You think so? I got whooping cough AND croup at a young age and developed asthma thereafter.
Just because people don't die, doesn't mean they aren't scarred for life
Like my cardiac specialist 'really people should take medication instead of having stents inserted'.
'Have you ever taken any of the medications you prescribe?' 'No'....
Just because you live as long doesn't mean it doesn't screw you up far worse than operations.
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The Natural Philosopher
They don't have to pay. They pay for what they want to use. They choose to buy expensive clothing or cheap clothing. They choose to drive to work in a Merc or a Fiesta. It's totally up to them. Don't like the working conditions, find somewhere else to work.
You hit the nail on the head with "everyone has to decide the risk to themselves". There should be no lockdown whatsoever. If you want to stay indoors, Mr Smith choosing to go out and about cannot affect you, as you're indoors. Mr Smith's life, Mr Smith's choice.

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Commander Kinsey

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