new outside light

Hi All,
I need to fit a light outside our back door so we can see the bins etc
now that the nights are drawing in :) I dont have easy access to the
lighting circuit in the kitchen so I am going to take the feed for the
light from an fcu fed from the existing ring in the kitchen. The kitchen
is all nicely decorated and tiled etc so I am looking to create minimal
disruption, is it acceptable for me to bring the cable for the external
light through the external then internal wall above my kitchen cabinets
where it would then be connected to a JB fed from the FCU directly below
the same kitchen cabinet? What is the preferred cable type to use
between the JB and the external light fitting? I know that about 99% of
installations that I have noticed simplu use t&e but is there a better
alternative? (depending on the desired location of the light there may
be some wiring exposed on a run outside).
I know about part P thanks :)
Gerry (from Scotland)
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I just used some 3-core flex rated for external use. It had a thicker insulation than normal and a rubbery exterior that was resistant to UV. But as you say, you can get away with TWE most of the time. Simon.
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Normal T&E might deteriorate from exposure to UV light, especially if on a south facing wall but often seems to be used without problems. For something more durable you could use Hituf .
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Mike Clarke
I just got it from B&Q cut off a roll. It said exterior cable, UV safe, I only wanted a short length. If you go to any electical wholesalers, I'm sure they will provide something similar. Simon.
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Try this:
formatting link
reality is is usually better to wire inside and drill through to the back of the light fitting when you can.
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John Rumm
Thanks to all. The Hi-Tuf might be the way forward! After much deliberation, I think that I will try and do as John says and fit the light in such a position that the cable is fitted into the rear of the fitting and is therefore unseen. However... I may want to add another one or possibly two lights in series off this light so will probably use hi-tuff to do it.
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You can use T&E in conduit if you prefer... its what I did on my outside lights - tends to look a bit neater than surface wires clipped on.
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John Rumm
If you connect more lights they need to be in parallel not series.
T&E is fine if painted with gloss topcoat to eliminate the slight risk of too much uv damage, but is no longer compliant.
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