New Boiler Paperwork

Would anyone care to relate their personal experience of any of the
three ways of dealing with the paperwork requirements for a new gas
boiler or ch installation?
1) Get a Corgi to certify it, with varying degrees of actual work (from
phone call at one extreme to running the gas pipes and heaving the
boiler into place at the other). Do such co-operative Corgis exist?
2) Submit a Building Notice, covering the boiler and the electrical
3) Just do it, and fill the benchmark certificate in with everything
except a legible signature and a Corgi Number.
3a) Deal with any fallout if shopped or when selling the house.
Direct or close indirect please: preaching not welcome.
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I think both WB and eco hometec do a commissioning service. Or I have replaced all the pipework-rads pump HW cylinder with an old boiler installed I will then get the manufactures installer just to fit the new boiler, when I have finally decided which one to buy. I think you will find it really very difficult to find a Corgi willing to just sign off the paper work
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Phil Gardner
Twice I've done the wet installation, and my plumber has commissioned the gas parts. He charged me the same as my annual gas inspection, ukp60 if no repairs needed, but that may be because I'm a regular customer.
My knees are going a bit, so this time my plumber's doing the full installation.
-- JGH
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Yes, but remember they are then taking personal responsibility for the entire works. It is best to get one involved from the outset. I doubt any would sign the installation off on a phone call unless they were a close relative.
The BCO will try very hard to get you to have a CORGI and/or P-Prat to sign off the works. So you might as well do (1).
The benchmark book might be used by the manufacturer to honour/wriggle out on the guarantee. Half filling it in won't count if they are playing hardball but OTOH you might not have to go that far to get a warranty fix.
Who might shop you? You could try to get certificates of the gas and electrics before selling.
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Ed Sirett
... and was fairly happy that you were reasonably competent to do the actual work.
Have you tried wearing Dickies with the built in knee pads?
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Ed Sirett
For good reason. The installer doesn't know that you haven't used acid flux and got it smeared all over the inside of the gas pipework, that pipework joints in inaccessible places are properly soldered, that the boiler's not going to fall off the wall, that the system's been properly flushed and dosed with corrosion inhibitor and so on, so you're asking him to risk his hard-won and expensive accreditation to lie, on the record, for ... how much are you offering?
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John Stumbles

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