More Part P, perhaps

A good friend had a large extension added to his property earlier this
year. Although the major building work is now complete, there are a
number of minor works that need to be finished (the loft insulation
isn't quite complete, for instance), and also some purely cosmetic bits.
It was the intention all along for him to DIY any parts that he could,
basically in order to save a few £££'s.
The building work has not yet been signed off.
One of the smaller jobs is to simply fit a few up-lighters in the new
living room. The wiring in in place, connected back to the lighting
switches and fusebox, with just the T&E sticking out of the walls. The
wiring was all done totally above-board by the sparky contracted in by
the builders, but the up-lighters were not fitted as they wanted to
decorate first.
Am I allowed to fit the up-lighters without jeopardising the whole Part
P thing? I'm not a qualified sparky, but am more than capable and
competent to fit a few simple lights -- I don't want to do so if it's
going to cause any problems with getting the work signed off, though.
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(a) The work is non-notifiable, as you are connecting to existing circuits, not in a kitchen/bathroom/outdoors
(b) The work is covered by the building regs application anyway.
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Thanks for that response, Owain. I suspected it would be OK, but needed to check.
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On Fri, 21 Dec 2007 14:39:57 +0000, a particular chimpanzee, Styx randomly hit the keyboard and produced:
One assumes that the work was notifiable, ie, a new circuit from the CU or work in a bathroom or kitchen. If so, has the electrician given a Commissioning Certificate? If so, you are merely altering an existing circuit and you do not need to notify Building Control. If not, then the electrician may be reluctant to issue a certificate for a circuit if someone else has 'fiddled' with it.
I would, however, get it signed off by B/C before you start altering wiring, just in case there's any query as to which bits are notifiable or not.
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