location for switch for jacuzzi bath?

Just planning the layout for a bathroom and need to know where I can
put the double pole switch for the jacuzzi bath. Anyone got one of
these and can advise me?
Thank you
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This is the isolation switch I take it you are talking about and not the normal functional switching one?
If so, somewhere in Zone 3 or outside would be ok for a normal switch, as long as it is not going to get splashed.
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John Rumm
nafuk wrote in news: snipped-for-privacy@a35g2000prf.googlegroups.co m:
Haven't got one in the current house, but did have until last year...
The FCU was in the airing cupboard, and the supply ran from there under the floor to the pump, mounted under the bath. The user switch on the side of the bath operated a piston which was linked by PVC tube to a pneumatic switch on the pump. [Aside: the airing cupboard had two FCUs, one for the immersion heater, one for the Jacuzzi pump]
Slightly OT: Having had a whirlpool bath (it came with the house) I wouldn't personally recommend them. Over time, the tubes/pipes/pump become filled with stale water, soap scum, hair, assorted slime etc. Because the pipework is at the lowest point beneath the bath, it can never be satisfactorily pumped out. Fine when it's new, but not IMO after a few years. I did once see Aggie + friend (you know, the TV cleaning ladies) recommending a good clean using dishwasher tablets.
Also I remember one of the younger offspring playing with a polythene bag in the bath (sort of water bomb - you know what lads are like) and the bag being sucked into the pump inlet. Then I had to dismantle the pump to free the impeller. Lots of fun that, as the side of the bath was not planned to be removable. Access to the plumbing was from inside the airing cupboard, which although tight was workable. Access to the pump was something else.
Almost forgot - what most amused the kids was the *amazing* quantity of bubbles that can be generated with a generous helping of shampoo in the bath water + whirlpool action. By amazing, I mean several feet deep on the bathroom floor... But don't let me put you off :)
Kind regards
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Richard Perkin
innews: snipped-for-privacy@a35g2000prf.googlegroups.co
Thank you very much for the info and warnings. I hope they don't find out about the shampoo - I have 3 boys!!! Cheers.
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