Laying Hardwood laminate

Hi all.
I will be laying a hardwood laminate some time this week.
Of the 2 sides from which to start (either side of the only window)
The wall opposite the door has an alcove, a radiator on a chimney
breast and built in wardrobe
which is protrudes from the other alcove. So it has 3 'starting
points' if I
choose to begin on that side.
Q1 Is beginning on the door side the right option?
On another point.
I will be laying the boards under the skirting and under the door
However, most 'how to lay laminate flooring..' web sites state that
there should
be only a 10mm expansion gap. (They never seem to make allowance for
the length of the room)
The door is the usual width so by my calculations there only need a
exp. gap of about 1.5mm.
Q2 1.5mm at most or even less?
PS. It occurs to me that when web sites state the 10mm rule they are
deliberately ignoring
the length of the room to persuade us to buy the spacers.
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