joining felt backed carpet

I had allied carpets round to measure for new carpets in a flat that I
will be letting out soon.he reckoned that to avoid having to use 5m
wide carpet that i'd have to have a join in the living room and a join
in the hall.
However he also told me that felt back carpets don't tend to join to
well (using heat and tape).The salesman in General George (thats what
they call allied carpets in scotland) reckoned that felt backed
carpets join fine.
Has anyone got any experience of this,the carpet is called Mars it's a
cheap polypropylene with a felt backing.
Also anyone know what the going rate for a carpet fitter is in
Aberdeen ?
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Martin Warby
I have seen similar carpet joined on a long landing. I did not see how they did it, but the join is almost invisible. (you would probably not find it unless you knew where to look).
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John Rumm
thanks for that but I wasn't really concerned about how invisible the join would be, but rather how long the join would last.still nice to know that it won't show up too much
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Martin Warby

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