Google Advanced Group searches

It doesn't appear to work anymore, I used to do an advanced search in
"uk.d-i-y" for say "Viessman boilers". and you would get all the threads
back to god knows when. Unfortunately will not do it now, amI doing
something wrong? or has google changed something?
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Hmm. Works for me. 223 results from Advanced Search specifying uk.d-i- y. 218 if I look up "Viessman boilers" (sans quotes) for Search this group when in uk.d-i-y.
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Searching for the exact phrase "veissman boilers" does (apparently correctly) return zero results, but just seaching for veissman within uk.d-i-y seems to give what you're after ...
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Andy Burns
Seems to work here ok, doing either a advanced search and filling in the boxes, or just a simple search with the string:
viessman boilers group:uk.d-i-y
(obviously using and not
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John Rumm
On Sat, 29 Dec 2007 19:11:03 -0000, "Donwill" wrote:
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does that give you?
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On Sat, 29 Dec 2007 19:11:03 +0000, Donwill wrote (in article ):
I think you may not be searching in Google "Groups".
When you enter Google, at the top of the first page that is opened is a list of the Google sections starting 'Web', 'Images', 'Maps'... etc.
'Groups' is not in this list, so you have to click on the last item 'more' at the end of the list which will give you a pull down menu with 'Groups' as (I think) the fifth item. Click on this and then go to 'Advanced Search' and you will get the correct page to search the newsgroups for "Viessman boilers" or whatever.
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Mike Lane
Bob, are you the Bob Eager that knows my son? (Without giving any details away... )
OS/2 BTW I think is still in many cashpoints.
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Andy Champ

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