Glue that hardens with UV light like at the dentist

I came across and advert online for some stuff called Bondic that hardens with UV light like white fillings at the dentist.
Given how good the dental stuff is I quite like the idea of it but it seems very expensive and comes from America or Germany as far as I can see with instructions in German, for a tiny amount.
Has anyone found any other suppliers in the UK of similar stuff?
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It sure is expensive. For example:
Add to that the cost of a UV source with sufficient power for a reasonable short cure time, and the cost of UV-blocking safety goggles.
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Jeff Layman
They have been using blue light for at least 30 years. I have one of the blue light sources of that vintage. It consists of a halogen projector lamp with a blue filter focused on an optical fibre bundle. I use it without the filter as an inspection lamp. Newer ones use blue LEDs.
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Yes I remember reading about nasa using this to repair space hardware, where of course uv is pretty plentiful, but you need to do the job while in the shadow of the earth! Brian
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Brian Gaff (Sofa 2)

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