Forte Agent Usenet Reader

Are there any knowlegeable Agent users on this NG?
I've done something to Agent that causes it to display all messages as
single messages and not shown in message threads.
The built in Help has little info on "Threads" and I'm at a loss. Any
help greatly appreciated.
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Right click the header for the Date column and select one of the thread sort options.
Failing this, look in Help at: Options Dialog, Navigation and Menus Message Sorting Panel
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Chris J Dixon
Click on the little button which is a plus sign inside a right-pointing box within the 'Lines' button ("Click to turn the threaded sort on and off").
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I'm a fan of Forte Agent although my Version 2.0 is very old, but then so is USENET.
It does have its foibles though, the default settings are nowhere near how I like them, as I have rediscovered when I recently reinstalled it along with Windows 10.
The most annoying thing is, if I'm a bit to hasty replying to a post and forget to open the follow up window, it interprets each key-stroke as a command and will, for example, mark everything "read" turn off word wrap and constant-pitch, show headers etc.
I still think it is far better than Thunderbird, but there again I like TB for email.
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On Sat, 08 Feb 2020 23:10:40 +0000, Graham. wrote:
I am on Agent 1.7, and right-clicking does nothing. I just have to click at the top of the left-hand column to toggle betwen 'Thread' and 'Size' for sorting.
If I click on the 'Author' or 'Date' columns for sorting, the left-hand column title changes to 'Status' and posts I've read show an indicator.
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Dave W

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