Craftsman garage door opener lockout

Both of my remotes are no longer working for one of my garage doors but
work fine on the other door. The door that is not working via the
remotes works fine from the hard wired button on the wall. The LED in
the wall button is flashing continuous, and the LED on the back of the
opener flashes when I press the button on the remote (so I assume it is
receiving the signal). From the research I've done in this group it
looks like the door went into a lockout mode while I was at work. The
problem is I only have a single button on the wall switch so I don't
know how to unlock the lock out. I also don't have the manuals for the
openers because they were already installed when I bought the house.
The opener is a craftsman 1/2 HP model # 139.53970SRT any help would
be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,
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I'd monkey with the wall switch button. Mine has 3 (not Craftsman) and I accidently locked mine out. Maybe it takes a series of pushes or something. Frank
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If you have electric eye safety system? Do you have to hold the wall button down?
Mybe the electric eyes are out of wack
Trying unplugging the GDO to see if it resets itself
cheers Bob
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Why don't you just go to and see if you can get the mauals.. you probably lost the program. You might be able to download them.
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Andy & Carol
You can get the manual from Sears. Part number 114A2399 1-800-252-1698 between the hours of 6:00am and 11:00pm, Central Time, 7 days per week, to speak to a Sears parts professional. THey were having problems with the site. I couldn't get the price of the manual.
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With the single button wall panel, you have to reprogram the transmitters to get the op out of lock-out mode. 1st push the "smart" button on the opener & hold it until the LED goes out, which will erase all of the memory. 2nd push the smart button momentarily, LED will light solid, push the button for that door on the remote, LED will flash & go out. Push smart button again momentarily & push the buttton on the other remote. If you have a keyless that will also need to be re-programmed.
Or buy a 3-button wall panel for your operator & then you can turn the lock-out on & off anytime you want from there. It doesn't happen often but sometimes an operator may automatically go into lock-out on its own for no apparent reason.
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Thank you DoorDoc You hit the nail on the head. The funny thing is I tried to clear out the memory and reprogram the remotes before I read your post and I got the lock out to go away but the remotes were still not working. The directions you gave me to reprogram the remotes back into the opener are different then the directions that are on the back of the opener itself, so I thought I would give it a try. It worked the first time. I am so glad this worked! Thank you very much! Scott
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how to unlock the lock out.
Actually you do not have to reprogram the unit. Push and release the Learn button (behind the lightbulb on the on my drive unit) and don't do anything for at least 30sec. This should unlock the unit. It worked for me.
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