Craftsman Garage door opener problem

I'm trying to help a friend who has a Craftsman garage door opener which
just stopped working. According to him, I have not been to see it yet, the
main controller in the garage and all the remotes do not work. The main
controller is blinking a green light and the unit is humming. He said the
light on the unit turns on if he pushes the main controller light button.
Therefore, it's receiving power. The only thing I can think of without
seeing it is the door is hung up or the motor is shot, since it's humming.
Any other advice greatly appreciated.
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On Sun, 31 Aug 2008 19:01:52 -0400, "SBH" wrote:
I think that if you go see it, chances are excellent that the humming sound is the motor running, but no longer connected to the drive. There is a plastic set of gears that fail. The teeth get brittle and shear off like corn from a cob. They sell a kit with all the parts you need including the right grease for the gears. It's a pretty easy job if you are at all mechanically inclined. You can get the kit from many online garage door companies, or even from Sears parts. The opener is made by Liftmaster. The repair kit costs about the same from Sears as it does from anyone else. You might even find it on the shelf at Home Depot or a hardware store. Very common.
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"Flatus Johnson" wrote in message
Wow, it must make you feel bold and superior with your belittling attacks of pathetic advice. My guess is your life is already in a pathetic inferior state you feel the need of attempting to belittle others in order to make you feel worthy.
I'll settle for sincere and polite advice since I was sincere and polite in asking. You can't play nice, stay the fuck home.
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Recently had a Craftsman opener do the exact same thing. It WAS the gear set as the worm gear teeth broke off. Follow the above posters recommendations (or, unfortunately, do as I did and replace the opener (before I knew the parts kit was available).
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Bob M
You got sincere advice you dim-bulb, pull the plug before it overheats and then bursts into flame...and learn how to express yourself without resorting to profanity. Youngsters read this stuff too.....
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Flatus Johnson
Parental control, dipshit. I can receive much better sincere advice from a dog compared to you. Next time, provide advice which I don't already know and try it without the almighty thumping of your chest. Weak idiots such as yourself who hide behind the keyboard can only feel superior with anonymity.
Here's my expressing to an idiot like you...kiss my ass.
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: I have the exact same problem but no humming sound. When I press the button I here a click but nothing happens. Any ideas?
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