Flickering and darker red neon switch for fridge

Hi guys. The fridge is not cooling more than 10 Celsius or about 42 farenheit.
The very bottom of e freezer is hot! And the red light in the switch is
flickering and shining less bright than its neighbour appliance switches. Is the
flickering an indication of the problem?
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There's the cause of the problem.
No connection, just means the neon has been on a long time. They do that.
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Not likely. assuming you have checked all connections to the mains and plug and inside the socket then I'd say either the fridge has a leak or something is blocked, if its an auto defrost frost free jobee.
I don't think anyone on here would venture further with such sparse details. Neon's in switches are notoriously dodgy, due to them eventually going black inside and losing the ability to strike reliably, amongst other things. Also get off home owners club and use a proper news reader. Brian
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Brian Gaff (Sofa 2)
In message , snipped-for-privacy@gmail.com writes
It's not iced up, is it? The mains neon on my freezer started flickering. It was also in need of a long-overdue de-ice. No flickering since I did it.
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Ian Jackson

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