Fixing a crack in a plastered wall?

I have several walls that are just platser and then painted. One of them
has got a irregualar hairline crack about half the drop of the wall. As
it does not seem to be getting bigger, I thought about nows a good time
ot try and repair it as I am off this week. So, I thought, make the
crack a bit bigger say with a chisel indent. Fill with plaster, sand and
Any issues?
Also - is there a better filler solution to use that maybe harder?
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Scrape it out with a flat or triangular scraper. No more than 2 or 3 mm. Fill with polyfilla or similar, slightly proud of surface. Sand using a block. Done! This assumes no further movement.
Peter Scott
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Peter Scott
If the wall is moving, it doesn't matter how hard it is, it will crack again. You *could* try using acrylic filler from a cage, but you need to smooth it off carefully with a wet filling knife before it goes off. You can't sand it.
I have been using Red Devil OneTime filler - very lightweight, but doesn't sink, so if you're skilled you can just paint over it when dry without rubbing down or refilling.
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