Filling a hole in a ceiling

I need to fill a hole where a downlighter was in a (skimmed) plasterboard
ceiling where I don't have access to the back. It will be painted
afterwards. What's the best way for an invisible repair - it's in rather a
noticeable place. The skim is the pink stuff.
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Dave Plowman (News)
Get a short piece of wood & partly insert a screw halfway along. Poke into hole & centralise. Pull down on screw to hold in place while you screw through plasterboard either side of hole into wood. Remove partly inserted screw.
Cut a circular piece from some scrap plasterboard as close as possible to the hole in the ceiling.
Now screw plasterboard bit into wood. Fill around edges.
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The Medway Handyman
Or if you're clever/lazy just cut a circular blank, stick in with bit of filler or solvent-free gripfill or whatever, hold in place with 3 fat screws in the joint locking the blank into the hole till it's stuck, then fill rest of join & make good.
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John Stumbles
Good solution.
I like to augment it with some grey Gripfill if it's a lath/plaster ceiling, or the mimsy-water-based version for plasterboard. Then it doesn't matter if there is some movement with the screws.
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Andy Hall
Or if you are even lazier, stuff newspaper in the gap till you caint stuff no mo, and skim..haven't you ever bought a second hand car?
They are made of newspaper and car body filler, and rust. :-)
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The Natural Philosopher
If you are that fussy, then you'll have to iterate a fill/sand/paint cycle until you achieve a satisfactory finish.
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Oh, use plaster - finishing plaster - and then sand flush.
You may have to paint the whole ceiling again, as new paint never quite matches old.
give the new section a few coats of the old paint first, then get a pot of new and redecorate.
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The Natural Philosopher
=A0 London SW
I recently used TMH's solution and the hole is now 100% invisible - even I can't remember where it is - and these things usually haunt me - because even though no-one else will notice it - I *know* it's there!
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On Thu, 24 Jan 2008 11:18:05 UTC, Paul Matthews wrote:
People often question the mere two in our living room!
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Bob Eager

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