Fein/Bosch Multitool Blade Compatibility (TMH?)

Can anyone confirm whether the blades for the Fein Multimaster will
fit the new Bosch Multitool. I know the question was raised (by TMH I
think) last year but I've googled and not found a definitive answer.
I used my new (chrissie pressie) Bosch yesterday for the first time
for real to cut some backbox holes in 10" skirting and it was magic!
Do the tile/masonry blades work as well? Will they cut brick/mortar?
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I asked this question a few weeks ago, and the answer from TMH on 10 Dec 2007 was
"I thought I had reported back? The Bosch blades will fit the older Fein. The Fein blades will fit the Bosch but it relys on the hex bolt being done up really tight to hold it in place. e.g. the fixing lobes won't work. "
I think the grit blade will have a hard time cutting bricks, should do mortar though. In any case the blade is not deep enough for anything but cutting a channel
Also, for anyone interested, the Bosch pmf 180 is currently on offer for =A359.95 at B&Q
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Only tried one on tile & it worked, but was a bit rough.
Didn't have my electric tile saw on the van & had to cut one tile to fit around a socket, worked OK becayse the rough edges were hidden by the socket.
Have you tried it with a sanding disc yet? Bloody wonderful!
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