Experience of "German Window Company"?

Does anyone have experience, good or bad, of "The German Window Company"
(based in Ash Surrey) who supply (and install) hardwood windows and
doors made by RABAU?
Thanks, Colin
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Colin Brook
Yes, extremely bad. Don't touch them with a barge pole. The holding company Chris Kingwell Sales Organisation is technically insolvent and according to Companies house The German Window Company is tenical not operating. They have a zero credit rating with a credit alert.
They are in complete disarray. Sending out two different site surveyors. They have been incapable of surveying the site correctly. The MD is a 'yes, yes, yes' ostrich who passive agressively bullys the rest of his staff and customers. He is a conman, he will draw you in and then not face his responsibilites. He gets the rest of his staff or his wife to do his dirty work for him while he jets off to Spain to recover! He is definately not good for his word. After a month they are incapable of rectifying the problem. They keep shifting the goal post.I have doors literally stuck on to the outside frame of my house.
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Adele Potter
On Thu, 7 Oct 2010 19:15:43 +0800, "Adele
You do realise the message you are responding to is 2 years old?
From Companies House Webcheck:- The German Window Company Company No. 06039631 Status: Active Date of Incorporation: 02/01/2007
Not the only one by the look of it.
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Peter Parry
We were somewhere around Barstow, on the edge of the desert, when the drugs began to take hold. I remember Peter Parry saying something like:
It's that myreader leech site where numpties post from.
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Grimly Curmudgeon

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