'Durgun' pro selant gun - instructions wanted!

Recently splashed out on one of those fancy reversible sealant guns,
having bent my umpteenth cheapo one beyond repair.
However, unfortunately I seem to have binned the instructions, and I
can't for the life of me figure out how the hell it works!
I can load a cartridge, get it properly fitted with the clamp at the
base, and can make it squirt sealant as normal; however how do you get
the thing into reverse mode?
Any advice from a current user would be appreciated... or if anyone has
a copy of the instructions they could scan and email to me (address is
valid) that would be fab.
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You hold onto the rubber ring on the plunger and unscrew the plunger rod that comes out of the back end of the unit. That will loosen the rubber ring and its diameter will shrink.
Fit the cartridge and operate the gun with the cap still on the cartridge to force the gun plunger into the cartridge plunger. Then screw in the plunger rod to tighten up the rubber ring and expand it to grip the cartridge plunger.
Hope this helps,
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Roger Wareham
I'm not too sure that there were any instructions with mine .... however;- If you examine the 'pushy' end -which contacts the bottom of the catridge- you'll observe that the Durgun has a pair of opposed dished 'washers' with an 'O' ring between them: the end of the 'pushing' rod is threaded and when rotated -yes; that's what the bent end is for- the two dished washers come together, forced by the threaded nut, squeezing the 'O' ring outwards! The ''O' ring -unlike the normal skeleton squirty thing - actually binds onto the catridge's end and can then be withdrawn (using the little trigger on the pistol grip. So ; assemble rod, ensuring that the dishes/ 'O' ring are in correct sequence and relatively loose; IMount and lock cartridge into pistol grip, Advance the plunger end until contact is felt; Rotate the plunger spindle using the bent part (righty tighty, Lefty loosey) until you 'fee' the 'O' ring grip the catridge bottom-cap's sides. Press away - when you've done extruding, use the retractor trigger to ease the cartidges bottom cap backwards and you should see the 'gunge' retract into the nozzle. {Note: This only works if the 'O' Ring is gripping the sides of the cartidge bottom] To extract the gubbins from a partially used cartirdge - remember to 'unsrew' (loosen) the dished & 'O' Ring gubbins from the cartidges' bottom -by utilisng the bent part of the spindle (lefty loosey).
Although the pistol grip mounting (Frame-less) construction of the Durgun is the most observable; IMHO the real magic is in the expanding (squashable) 'O' Ring. - together with the bent bit of the spindle :)
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Brian Sharrock
Thanks a lot to you and the other respondents - all is now clear, including the reason I was unable to work it out for myself... on my model, the thread at the end of the rod which retains the two dished washers is totally shot, so the washers and o-ring just spin freely at the end of the rod - so I had no idea that there was supposed to be a thread in there, in order to squeeze and extrude the o-ring!
Screwfix delivering a replacement tomorrow...
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Others have described how it is supposed to work but I have found that the gun only fits a few of the dozen or so assorted cartridges I usually have around. Most are just a little too small in diamtere to accept the rubber rung even when slackened off.
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Very disappointed in this bit of kit .... the clamp does not hold well enough, and carts keep 'popping' off. Gone back to old cheapo type. may be Ok with thin runny glues etc., but useless of caulk & viscous glues.
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Rick Hughes
Well you know what - a few weeks on, and I agree.
I find that when it does fit the proferred tube properly, it's an absolute dream to use: you get really accurate control of 'squirt', and can shut off the flow at just the right time, even to the extent of sucking up the odd bit of overspill.
However, it's a right faff to assemble, and although I haven't had cartridges falling off, it's a bugger to get the retractable piston working properly. When you tighten up the screw-end tip, often it's not possible to tighten it enough to grip the internal wall of the cartridge plunger, and it just spins uselessly - ie, you can't then retract the plunger and the whole device works no better than a cheap'n cheerful gun but with all the hassle of assembling it.
Even worse is when the screw does tighten up properly, but then can't be undone after use - the plunger just spins within the cartridge. Just had that happen and ended up having to withdraw the plunger from the cartridge in order to remove the screw end bit, thereby wasting most of the contents.
Shame really, as when it does work properly, it's a real revelation.
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