Double Glazing

Hi all
I am living in West Yorkshire and evaluating quotes for windows and door
I have received quotes from Northern Trade Windows, Corals and West
Yorkshire Windows.
I was just wondering if anybody would like to comment on the
products/installation/after sales service associated with any of the above
Any comments, either positive or negative would be very much appreciated.
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Red Devil
I've had some recently. Only paid on completion. Shows that the company is confident in what they do. Perhaps you should ask your companies if they'll do the same.
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Get Stephen from Guiseley Glass & Glazing (01943 870800) to come round and quote.
Quality product, careful and neat installation along with excellent prices. Good people to deal with and they do what they say they'll do.
No connection other than that of a very satisfied customer.
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Where abouts in W Yorks are you? I have a friend that has his own DG company. He lives in Tingley (Near Leeds) but works all over. I have recmmended him to lots of people who all subsequently used him and are very satisfied. He also doesn't take a penny piece until completion and total satisfaction.
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