CED Control Master

Can anybody help please?
I bought some timers, CED Control Master FT24H but the wiring is very
I am under the impression that you have to join terminals 2&3 with 1.5
mm but there are no instructions as where to place the neutral wire
from the appliance!!
1. live output to appliance
2 Make link with 1.5mm cable to switch 240v AC only. NB should you
wish to switch other than 240 v AC do not use link to terminals 2&3 .
Feed the required switching voltage to terminal 2 and output from
terminal 1
3 live from the mains
4 Neutral from the mains.
I assume that you stick the neutral from the appliance into terminal
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1&2 are obviously just the two terminals of a single pole switch...
To drive the motor for the timer. Linking 2&3 makes 1 a switch live output.
Yup, sounds that way.
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John Rumm
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Thanks John
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