Carpet fitting problem - some advice please.

Hi everyone,
Long time lurker - hope someone can help with this problem I have just
I have a (hopefully) simple question on a carpet just fitted into a
relatives home.
I haven't yet seen the carpet in place, it was for a somewhat disabled
relative I sort things out for and typically I sorted out this guy,
recommended by but independent of the carpet company. Before I call
both and get passed pillar to post, thought I'd ask here in case
anyone has any thoughts!
Carpet fitter turns up, does job but carpet has bumps in the middle.
He says it's because the carpet had been rolled then folded in half at
the carpet shop, and it'll settle down. Carpet is 80% wool if it makes
any difference, and was folded for 4 days between purchase and
I'd have thought that a decent fitter would have been able to kick it
out just fine, but he's adamant he's done as good a job as can be
Thanks in advance for any advice.
Dave Jennings
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Dave Jennings

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