Carpet fitting problem - some advice please.

Hi everyone,
Long time lurker here - hope someone can help with this problem.
I have a (hopefully) simple question about a carpet that's just been
Carpet fitter turns up, does job but when done the carpet has bumps in
the middle. He says it's because the carpet had been rolled then
folded in half at the carpet shop, and it'll settle down. The carpet
( 80% wool if it makes any difference ) had been folded for 4 days.
I'd have thought that a decent fitter would have been able to fit it
just fine without any bumps, but he's apparently adamant that he's
done an acceptable job and the bumps are nothing to do with him.
Note: I haven't yet seen carpet, it's for a disabled relative I sort
things out for and typically I sorted out this guy, recommended by but
independent of the carpet company. Before I call both and get passed
pillar to post, thought I'd ask here in case anyone has any thoughts!
Many thanks.
Dave Jennings
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Dave Jennings
Hi, I'm no expert but, having just had carpets fitted throughout, our experience is...
1. Yes - there are "bumps" and things;
2. The fitters will return FOC in a few weeks (or when we ask them) to re-stretch. (This is standard practice - and have never known fitters not to return).
3. This should solve your problem - especially if the carpet has had a reasonable amount of use by then (though maybe this is less likely for your disabled relative ... can s/he invite friends etc round a few times in coming weeks?)
4. Have no experience of a carpet having been folded. I understand the need for stretching arises mostly because carpets tend to be stored in un-heated warehouses, so are not as "soft and stretchy". Once they've lived in a warm house for a bit the "bumps" etc will appear.
My advice, therefore, is ring the fitter and just confim that s/he will come and re-stretch in a month or two. If any problems, I would then call carpet shop and ask if they realize their "recommended" fitter is refusing to do what all normal fitters do.
Incidentally, for anyone else planning new carpets, a couple of tips.... (a) we assumed (based on past experience) that they would remove all old carpets; they don't , and apparently few do these days (cos of disposal charges etc); (b) had to have bottoms trimmed on loads of doors - despite having been carpeted previously; turns out new carpets + underlay are much thicker than in the good old days.
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Generally speaking "bumps" in centre of carpet will not "bed down" or "stretch out".
Had a similar problem here with fitter turning up, as a result of my complaint, with knee kicker, and giving it a good go, with nil result. To get rid of the bump by this means you have to further stretch an already taut carpet.
Solution was - new piece of carpet. Problem was, as noted above, carpet stretched locally before fitting. They must get away with a few, people who don't care about a hump in the carpet or reluctant to press home their complaint - hence they try the "re-stretching". They may be able to convince you that it's better.
Budgie hasn't disappeared has it? (joke)
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I'm not a carpet fitter but have fitted a few as a 'gifted amateur'! I do know however that carpet should NOT be folded as it causes the very problem you're talking about. I have moved carpets from a to b and have had them folded for the journey simply to fit them in my van but have immediately flattened them and then rolled them for storage.
The 'bumps' probably will drop out but the carpets shouldn't have been left folded for four days. The person who is responsible for that is the person responsible for the 'bumps'.
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I had a similar problem, new carpet fitted and then found slightly bumpy. Asked the carpet shop to send another fitter, they replied, quite fairly I think, that the original fitter would come back. He returned and did a good job - explained that carpets are stored in unheated warehouse and expand and become more flexible after a few days in a house. When I had an existing carped refitted to a different room, as it was stored in garage, I arranged to move it back into the hopuse before re-laying. This happened in Nov & January when it was quite cold.
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Colin Jackson
I just want to cry. Who in the carpet trade would fold a carpet? NEVER do it!
He probably cried too. The folding is almost certainly the cause of the problem.
If a re-stretch does not sort the problem out I would reject it as faulty.
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Simon, thanks a million for your reply - I really appreciate it.
Carpet company folded the carpet saying it'd be fine to keep like that until the fitter got there!
Fitter coming back in 2 weeks to see how it's settled and restretch, so fingers crossed.
Thanks again. -- Dave Jennings
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Dave Jennings
Colin, thanks for your post - I appreciate it. All makes sense and should be sorted in a couple of weeks. -- Dave Jennings
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Dave Jennings
Check they haven?t left a little piece of underlay on purpose. If t hey are not nice fitters, they call it a budgie.... smuggler... how dis tha t get in there!!
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