Cable clips.

Was recently clipping some electrical cables to a bare brick-wall
prior to it being plaster-boarded.
However, if I hammered the clips into the mortar, they just fell out
again - the wall is ~70 years old.
And try as I might, I could not get them to hammer into the brick.
What's the usual way of attaching these to a brick wall?
Hammer into brick or mortar?
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If they are Accrington Iron bricks, you'll struggle all day. I'd suggest eith drilling the brick or the mortar and using rawlplugs/plasplugs/whatever to drive the pin into.
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B&Q etc sell wall plugs specially for cable clips. Rather long winded but worth it IMHO. In B&Q you'll find the beside the cable clips rather than with the other wall plugs. You'll probably need a drill for them too - IIRC 5mm.
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Dave Plowman (News)
IIRC they are called PIN PLUGS £2.28 for 100 at B&Q, I bought some earlier this year, as I was also having problems getting nails to go in.
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Or just drill a hole and pound a big 'splinter' of wood into the hole with a hammer until it breaks off. Like a mini version of groundings for skirting boards etc.
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Hot melt glue. Just stick the cable to the wall and have done with it.
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I used to do this but have stopped after having quite a few failures (in the bond), I think it's the plasticiser in the PVC sheath leeching and weakening the bond.
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In article , Bolted writes:
I found a variant of this worked well in my garage. Hammered some wire clips into the thermal blocks and they all fell out (no grip). Hammered matchsticks into the nail holes, and then hammered the clip nails into the matchsticks, and they've been solid ever since.
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Andrew Gabriel

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