Big Knobs

The engineering of my front door has developed over the years. I have now
got a standard yale latch, standard mortice, good and tight draught excluder
strips on 3 sides and now a roller catch for convenience. This means that I
have no need for turning door knob but every need for simple big knobs.
Where can I get what looks like a door handle but is just a simple brass
knob? All I've seen are too small.
Present solution is a soldered up turny knob, but it is about to
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================================== Screwfix do a 3" one, but it might be a bit too fancy:
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Wood ones are easily DIYed to any size and profile. If yo dont have a lathe, a drill will do it, with grinding action from a gently wielded angle grinder or very coarse sandpaper. Can make whatever you likek then.
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