Magnets in old HDD ?

I understand that Hard Disc Drives contain a powerful magnet.
Can anyone tell me approx how big these are and whereabouts within
the drive
I can find it ( I presume they are well shielded )
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Remove the aluminium top cover (Usually held with torx screws)
Undo the hub screws in the middle and remove the platters (They make great coasters!)
Remove the screws holding the top magnet and remove the circlip holding the arm. The magnets will be located in one corner, at the end of the arm. The magnets/arm should then be removeable but may need a bit of force to remove them.
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They're usually in the form of a crescent shaped plate, about 3cm long, 1cm wide and a couple of millimetres thick. They can be found at the opposite end of the swing arm from the disks. They're good for sticking heavy notes to fridge doors and squashing fingers.
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In article , "Nick" writes:
Open the disk casing (several screws and a number of tamper seals), an you'll find the magnet as part of the head movement assembly. How you get it out and what form it is will vary from one drive to another.
Some of these are strong enough to pinch you and cause bleeding. Keep them away from children too -- swallowing a couple of these, or just one of them and something else metalic, would be very serious. (This has resulted in a recall of some toys with these very strong magents.)
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Andrew Gabriel
I've found that you can retrieve them quite easily from your loved one's alimentary canal with the help of a teaspoon.
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Anita Palley
Of course, the size will probably vary depending on the size of the HD drive (2.5 - 3.5 inch). I have a 3.5 inch one in front of me, and these are the sizes (from one magnet only, out of two): Length: 65 mm, Width: 25 mm, Depth: 3 mm. That's the size of the magnet carrier (the magnet is bonded to it).
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I have so many old hard drives here that if I removed the magnets from each and placed them all together - I probably could topple a passing double decker bus. Hmmmm, I need locking up ...
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Adrian C
What a cunning (DIY) plan to ensure the preservation of Routemasters with their aluminium bodies!
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You can buy neodymium magnets in almost any shape or size on Ebay for a few £ The ones found in newer HDs are pathetic in comparison.
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