bargain: AoE 3rd Ed discounted on Amazon UK

A heads up for the heavy read electronics types,
formatting link

Hardcover, sold direct from Amazon, £23.50 You Save: £42.49 (64%)
I had the first edition at college, and sold it on to a new student.
Second edition came out, I was still broke so hunted down an old first
on eBay.
For me third edition now on the way.
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Adrian Caspersz
Third edition is excellent.
Also note that the X Chapters were released last week - basically the parts they had to leave out of AoE.
Also - there is Learning The AoE - about the same size as AoE - which is about 25 chapters, each containing theory, lab exercises, supplementary material and worked examples.
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Bob Eager
2nd Edition,£5 In the county Library Book sale when they were having a purge of reference books a couple of years ago.
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Thanks a lot for the heads up!
I don't rate AoE quite as highly as some, but that is partly because I am l ucky enough to have had access to a lot of other classic App Notes, datasheets, design documents etc. In any case my 2nd edition is a bit sad now, and I sa w a 3rd edition quite recently and was impressed. Ordered!
Jon N
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