Anyone sound-proofed a Garage ?

When I say 'soundproofed' all I mean enough to allow a 5 piece to
rehearse at a sensible volume, not record dainty acoustic guitar. the
garage in question is large (not quite a double), detached from the
house (bottom of the garden - about 15 feet from the nearest house out
the back) breeze-block construction, with a window (could be bricked
up if easiest), a door which needs to stay, and a rollup 'car' door.
Oh and a felt roof.
I've seen projects online where people do the whole 'room in a room'
thing to try and perfectly isolate for recording or for when it's part
of the house - but I don't think I'd need THAT much attenuation. Would
I ?
any ideas / pointers ?
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Depends how loud they are inside there, you will need a lot of attenuation if its not going to be audible 15 feet away.
My guess is tha tthe roof and door will be the main places where sound escapes. To stop sound getting though you need mass. Egg boxes glued on the inside will not be sufficient! perhaps a suspended ceiling with doublethickness plasterboard with rockwool above it. Pay attentin to caulking.
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